Search for father (Main quest) – Sub quest 1

So Ann and Kirk prepared to roam outside the city for the first time together, with no one there to watch their backs. None of them had any experience in handling outside world.

Ann – Kirk what should we do now?

Kirk – First thing for survival is food, water, house and gold of course, so we can’t sit idle even for a moment except for resting at nights…

Ann – But that too require a house, or i will be too scared to sleep in wilderness… And a a girl has privacy needs too….

Kirk – Hmm a boy needs that too.  Anyways….Thankfully your mom gave us water bottle (full), a tiffin box (full) (if inventory can hold it otherwise simply two options in bar on top replacing APs )…. So our first objective comes to be house and gold. Lets move to guild…. to check if some easy jobs are posted there… also we should buy basic mobile tent house from shop there…..ummmm…. for sleeping….. or should i say for privacy needs ..ha ha ha ha..

[Dialogue based on previous gameplay – Thanks to my intelligence, i used my money for betting to earn 2000 gold. Lets buy the tent right away. Ha ha ha….///God damn me!! it was my foolishness i lost all my gold while betting during auction…. cries…. Lets search the guilds quest boards to earn gold, i am all broke….]

(cost will be 1000 gold for mobile tent house, if kirk has zero gold then he should do quest first before buying this…)

(Note by author for game owner – Rather than APs, its better to use food and water for restrictions for user, and they should be easy to acquire and replenish through city shop or just by going near edges of islands to refill water bottle from river or sea… Food can be obtained by hunting animals too unlike APs which require 5 minutes per 1 AP recharge… If game owner doesn’t approve this then simply food and water should be replaced by APs again.)

Kirk – Guild Board is filled with lots of quests, this section is for beginner level ones, lets check them…

Ann – This one is saying 1000 gold reward…. lets go for it…

Kirk – What that’s an intermediate level quest and why are you looking specially for 1000 gold quest?

Ann – I want house at all costs for sleeping first ….

Kirk – Oh i see….  (laughs…) We can do this quest its easy and less time consuming, and thus we can do more than one quest and earn 1000 gold that way….

Ann – So what does quest says?

Kirk – It’s a challenge by an arena master of city for beginners. He wants to recruit more newbie fighters for arena as his business is going down due to old fighters always winning. And to recruit newbies he is testing them against few weak old fighters of arena… Just for winning in test fight we can earn 500 gold…

Ann – That’s really cool, one fight for you and one for me….  1000 gold….

Kirk – Thats only if we won, loser gets nothing, just rotten tomatoes and eggs from the crowd…

Ann – Ewww! that stinks, but i will win for sure, its life and death situation for me to buy mobile tent house…. or i can’t sleep….

So lets move to central city square…..

You are registered for two fights in arena for a quest please select which one to go for first :-

[Fight 1 – Kirk ] [Fight 2 – Ann]

(Fight should be easy with poorest AI so that user wins otherwise they can’t venture outside world without tent….)

  • Ann’s dialogues are not needed in above conversation if they already bought the mobile house by 2000 gold of Kirk….

After victory

Arena Master – So your young blood is not water just like all those losers….  I hereby want to offer you a job for arena. Minimum contract will be 10 fights, do you want to sign the agreement?

Kirk – Thanks for compliment. But, I am sorry, as i have to refuse your job offer. I am an adventurer, and want to venture outside world of Almightoronia. But when i get stronger i will be back to beat those old champions of your arena… in just normal city arena fights not under any contract…

Arena Master – That will be awesome. I will wait for that day…. Good luck with your journey. And here take this your 500 gold, and where’s that girl?

Ann – I am here..

Arena Master – You can have your reward too… It seems you are with him, so maybe you will be adventuring with him as well, so no need to offer you job as well, ha ha ha…

Ann – You are very intelligent master…. And thanks for rewards too.

Kirk – Thanks master.

Quest completed, received 1000 gold.

Kirk – Let’s go buy our tent…

Ann – Yeah, lets hurry…..

Mobile Tent House purchased…. Ding….

Let’s find another quest for our first adventure… Its time to get some quest outside, as I can find my father only by moving out and adventuring, as i have no whereabouts on him except his name i.e.. John ….

Back to Guild Hall

Kirk – This is nice, reward 1000 gold, beginner level..

Ann – wow, 1000 gold for beginner level quest… Get it get it…

Obtained quest – Go to the western forest and slay Mungi virus…. For this quest you don’t have to win the whole battle, you just need to capture the monster named as Mungi virus on your side…



Tutorial Story for Final Card Game

About game – The Final Card game is based on a fantasy world of Almightoronia. The game’s setting is similar to an RPG game. However fighting is based on Cards system. So as not to ruin game players experience, there is in-built tutorial which will be explaining that system to you.


“Kirk”, an ambitious boy, has turned 16 this year. Her mother died after giving birth to him. His father was an adventurer too, who went missing 3 years ago. Usually his father, John was out on adventure but he used to come and visit Kirk at least once every month and provide him with expenses needed to survive and train him to survive the harsh world of Almightoronia. John left an ordinary house for Kirk to live in, but today due to non payment of his bills of eating and other miscellaneous stuff for 3 years, SANTARI city’s mayor has put his only asset on auction so that all the creditors could be paid by that money, and if anything is left then it will be given to Kirk, and then he is on his own. Only Aunt Jane, who is mayor’s new assistant is familiar with Kirk. However she met Kirk 15 years ago when he was just kid. She was friend of her late mother and missing father. She recently got shifted to Santari City as mayor’s assistant and thus got to know about the current situation of the boy and that his father has gone missing. So she decided to meet the boy before that auction..

Jane – Hey, young boy….

Kirk – Hmm???

Jane – I am Jane, Mayor’s assistant and your father’s friend. You can call me Aunt Jane. Even your mother was close friend of mine, and i just got to know about the situation of you and your father who went missing. It was really sad to hear your story.

Kirk – Are you here to kick me out? Or show pity on me for being my mom dads friend…?

Jane – No way!! I am here to explain you few basic things for survival in this vicious world of almightoronia.

Kirk – Then its fine, please grant me your wisdom auntie.

Jane – (arrow points to map) – This is the world map.  And here you can see our santari city. (arrow points there) To the west is wild forest area, and a dangerous cave is to the north of santari as you can see in the map. Currently you are in Santari City as you can see that black cursor.

This is just a small country in huge world of almightoronia. But it will let you learn the basics of this world…

On the left panel you can see Inventory, it keeps all your cards… Click on it.

Here you can see Character cards and monster cards… (monster cards are like your pets just like pokemon if you have seen the anime) They can be leveled up too.. Upto 9 monsters can be equipped with you at a time. Rest can be added or removed as per your requirements or strategy…. Try removing and adding them from your party by clicking here

Kirk – And what about those character cards?

Jane – Oh no its time for auction lets hurry up …… we will continue about rest after the auction….

(Kirk, Jane reached the place of auction. Harry got an idea to do betting about who will win auction with one of the spectators to obtain extra gold. And bets result will be dependent on card fight game. (+1000 gold if won i.e. 11000, -1000 gold if lost i.e. 9000))

Mayor – So let’s begin the auction ladies and gentlemen. Starting bid goes at 2000 gold.

Bidder Tora – 5000 gold….

Bidder Chula – 6000 gold….

Bidder Akira – x  gold (10000 minimum (+-1000))…

(Card fight,  which can give you +-1000 bonus gold)

Jane – Lets teach you card fight first, which can improve the auction results for you if you win…

Touch the fight button first   ….. Touch begin…. You should  try to join paths according to your cards… and always use low power cards first… Lets click your card with power of 14 and place it anywhere on the fighting board…

See opponent took over your card but don’t worry you can take it back…

(Game owner will write this part)

Auctioneer – 10000 (or +-1000 if you won the card fight), 1, 2, 3 … Hammered….. The property belongs to Akira now. Bidder Akira is requested to go to Mayor’s House to sign the necessary papers, and also for receiving the new house owner’s certificate for the said property. Kirk is also requested to go to Mayor’s House to transfer ownership to Akira. Kirk left for the mayor’s House immediately in his tattered clothes.

Kirk – (Thinking…..I had a debts of around 9000 gold. I get 0 or 2000 (as per card fights result) gold to start my adventure in outside world then. I will follow on footsteps of my father and become the greatest adventurer in Almightoronia, and will find my father alongside.)

Mayor – All formalities are done. Kirk here are your 0 or 2000 gold and now you are free from the clutches of debtors. Good luck for your future.

Kirk – Thanks.. (That old geezer, can’t even show some sympathy towards me (This line is showed if kirk has 0 gold)…)

Akira – Thanks Mayor for keeping the formalities simple. I had a bad feeling earlier that i may have been cheated, seeing the outfit of this beggar boy… I wondered how a beggar can own such an house… but its alright now i have no fear.. The property is mine.

Kirk – (Enraged in heart….. clutches his hand….) Beggar boy? !!! Let me become an  adventurer, I will buy back my house and make you bow down to me, whom you dared to call the beggar boy….

Akira – Really, good luck with that, i have seen countless beggars like you dreaming high… but all ended up rotting in sewers with rats…

(Kirk stomped his foot on the ground and moved towards exit.  Jane was watching all this, and had some sympathy for the boy, so she followed him along with her daughter Ann.)

Jane – Ok now we will be back to training…. where were we? Yes character cards..

Jane – Lets see Character cards are you and your party. During your adventures, you alone can’t face the extremely dangerous world. So you will meet countless people, whom you can include in your party. You can even level up yourself and your party members just like your monsters, and even teach yourself your party members skills.

Here this is my daughter Ann, she is of your age too. I would like you to take her with you on your adventures. You can see you have her in your character cards now.

Ann – Hello nice meeting you, please take care of me.

Kirk – Yes i will. You are my aunt’s daughter. I will ensure your safety first, even if i have to die.

Jane – Thank you Kirk.  Anways, back to teachings…. Move button on left can be used to see which locations are accessible to you currently, and to move there. The bar on the top of the screen shows your current gold, the number of equipped monsters, APs (action points), time to refill action points and day of your adventure. Action points restrict your actions, you can’t do anything once your APs are zero. Rest options are quite self explanatory. Now lets go to santari city, touch it. Sometimes a look around button will show up, its good way to earn few gold coins.. Maybe gift from Almighty God of Almightoronia…

Within city there are four options, Fight, Inn, Guild and Shop..

First fight is used to fight in city’s arena winning which will level up your character and monsters. They are usually easy fights, as city area rarely gets any strong guys.. All tough battles can be found in forests doing quests as lots of dangerous hungry monsters are always searching for something to prey upon …. Click it and lets do practice fight.. It won’t reduce your APs, but winning it will still reward you.

After fight….

Now your monsters must be injured, try using second option, Inn to heal them of course by paying gold…

Third option guild is used to get yourself quests which will help you earn gold or more cards…

Last but not the least is shop, where you can directly buy monster cards for your survival.

Yellow exclamation signs will mark the story quests, however white ones will mark as guild quests and a question mark quest are random quests that may appear from time to time.. So that’s all what i have to teach you.. Rest depends on you… Just make sure that my daughter doesn’t get harmed..

Kirk – Rest assured, she can be injured only over my dead body..

Ann – Wow kirk, you are so cool…

Party laughed and Kirk had his last feast in the city. Aunt Jane also gave him a new set of clothes, so nobody can bully him by saying him beggar at least. Kirk thanked the aunty by folding his hands towards her and then he went to watch his sold house for the last time, bowed towards it as if saying I am sorry, i will take you back. And Kirk and Ann together moved hand in hand to begin the story of Last Card……

Change of plans

I am writing it now in story format only rather than game format. And i also modified lots of things due to that. Making a game for me is impossible so i took that decision. And you can read the story free of cost here –

I just asked myself few questions what do i like in RPGs or MMORPGs, and answer came that i like only the quests and stories, as soon as we end the game, we are not interested in its gameplay. There are few games that may have a factor of playing even after end, but that too is due to a continued story, or aftermath or some collection like things like in case of pokemons. In MMORPGs there is chat factor and community factor that keeps us active too. We can be a community while reading story. You can post your positive/negative comments and suggestions and even short story or story ideas which i will elaborate myself and enter them in this endless world of almightoronia.

As being an endless story, it will be like an MMORPG only automatically with same fun but it requires little effort (effort to read words non graphically), ha ha 🙂

Almightoronia Day 1 (2)

So my journal now have 2 quests, Quest no. 1 and Quest no. 8. Lets move back to the mango tile 2,10 to continue explorations.

3, 10- Empty tile, 4,10 – Bushes, 5,10 – Village Well, 6,10 – Empty Tile, 7, 10 – Empty Tile, 8,10 – Ruhans Hut, 9, 10 – Ruhan, 10, 10 – Empty tile ……………….


Ding…. Quest no. 1 completed … You explored whole village. (Lvl3, exp-130/400, gold-110, str-3,def-3,spd-3, v&gfame-35) Level UP – Max stats raised by 10 i.e. 120 each and Level Up Max doubled i.e. 400.

Lets talk to Elder John again….

mmh2008 – I have explored the village elder. Now what?

Elder John – Its upto you to decide, as you can see most tiles are empty and some have trees, bushes, mines, ponds, and even wild animals. I am villages elder i can give you stats as per your choice. You can choose all stats too but thats not recommended as your age is limited. And you have to accomplish max possible in it so that your heir comes up as strong as possible. (A new stat of Age is added to your profile. Age – 18 years, 2 days.) So speak up to me if you want to do anything specific. You can also be a wanderer and move ahead to cities for even better jobs…..  on national level there are even better and so on….. endless jobs are there… Our village offers only few jobs at the moment – Fishing in pond, Herb Picker, Forager, Milkman, Shepherd, Woodcutter, Miner, Combater, Wanderer and Sentry.  You don’t have to worry much about future, as these skills help in cities as well if you ever get chance to visit there. They may be upgraded too as per need of city. Also you should own a house or shop to be a citizen of that village. House or shop purchasing requires an empty tile too in village/city. You can found your own village in endless wilderness as well, which can be accessed by

There are other professions available too from the NPCs i.e. Paul is Baker and Tailor so through his links you can become a Milk Shop Owner, Clothes Seller in Village/city of course only if you have money, and all other NPCs have some special skill that you can learn from them only. Nina is a cook and Medic. Zoros is village sentry and combater.  Ruhan is Woodcrafter and Smelter.  Terra is a Vegetable Seller and Fruits Seller. So are you interested in any of the jobs of gathering from me or you want to go talk to other NPCs to get some professional job? Ding…. a list of all gathering jobs and an option to see ya later.

mmh2008 – See ya later. I should check other NPCs first.

Zoros was my target. 5,7 move, clicked. Talk with zoros. clicked

Zoros – How may i help you?

mmh2008 – Talk/become apprentice/goodbye – talk clicked. Please tell me about your profession?

Zoros – Combater or Sentry or both?

mmh2008 – Both

Zoros – A combater is kind of low grade warrior who undertakes task for security of villages/cities/countries etc. while moving. Sentry is bound to stay and patrol in the designated village/city/country etc. In cities a sentry can be hired for flats, apartments, bunglows or nightwatchman in a s specific area. The evil side for sentry are usually nothing but there are certain quests which will tempt you to do something bad while on duty in night time, which can lead you to become criminalCombater can become villages army, cities army, countries soldiers etc. or even lead to evil professions as well like assassin, bandit, or there is a neutral job of wanderer and dungeon hunter for combaters as well. Click on any of the profession i mentioned above to follow that path or you can think more about it and select later.

mmh2008 – Wanderer selected.

Zoros – Congratulations, you are wanderer from now on. You are given a skill named as Wandering, it determines your wandering skill. Wanderers have many benefits, while exploring they explore 2 tiles in one click which is 2x of normal. Wanderers gets 1 percent discounts while buying and 1 percent more while selling per point in wandering skill. Selling is usually half the buying price of a product but you will get 1 percent extra due to your skill per point in wandering. Additionally to survive as wanderer you are given a combat skill as well. Combat stats gives 1 percent plus to existing strength, defense and speed per point.

mmh2008 – Thanks i will take my leave.

Zoros – As my apprentice, you are not free to leave without my permission? Go show me your skills. I added a quest to your journal check it.

mmh2008 –  Yes sure sir. Goodbye.

Lets see Character Sheet – Level – 3, Exerience Bar – 130/400 for Level 4,  Gold – 110, HP – 100/120, Food Belly – 50/120, Water Belly – /120, Hygiene – 70/120, Strength – 3 (+0.03), Defense – 3 (+0.03), Speed – 3 (+0.03), Village Yodai Fame – 35, Global Fame – 35, Wandering – 1, Combat – 1.

Lets check journal,

Q No. 8 – ………………….

Q No. 9 – Zoros issued a chain quest :-

(i) Zoros want you to eliminate Wild Snake at 7,6 tile.

Rewards – 20exp in first and then x2 exp every succeeding quest in chain (for second 40exp, for third 80 exp and so on…)….. 5 gold and then +1 gold every succeeding quest (like 5+1 for second, 6+1 and so on….)

Moved to 7,6 tile … Action bar said, examine snake, attack snake, run away. Examine snake clicked…. (Level – 1, Atk -1, Def-1, Speed-1)…..

Inferior to me, lets attack …… You killed the snake. Got 1 exp for killing snake i.e. 131/400. Snake dropped a health potion as well.

Almightoronia Day 1 (1)

Today is the day almightoronia is going to release, I want to be the first person to join the game. Turned on the PC (tap, tap, tap). Its a text based game but with so much detail that even huge game companies aren’t comparable. Lets type in

Welcome to Almightoronia.

Register? Yes, of course.

It asked only username, password, gender, paid server (checkbox) and email. And one bot check. Thats cool – mailmeharry2008, ***, Male, paid server yes, mailmeharry2008 et rediffmail doht cahm (Author’s Note – This is my real email don’t spam :P)

There is also a free version of this game for those who can’t pay, but paid is always better than free.  The motive for two versions is to make game fair – free players vs. free players and payers vs. payers.

So i chose to register for paid almightoronia. There are currently two universes in the game. First one is for paid players named as Universum and other one is for freebies named as Freeversum. So i get to be the player of Universum by default. Spawning animation….

Elder Village NPC John (Elder) – Welcome to Yodai Village.

mailmeharry2008 (mmh2008) – Where is this?

Elder – You are in Yodai village of Turco City of Puar State of Aries Country of Montha Continent of Planet Chingara in Toomar Solar System of Griffin Galaxy in Universum Universe.

mmh2008 – Whew!!! That was long detail.

Elder – I don’t like shortcuts.

mmh2008 – So can i be of any help?

Elder – Of course fate brought you to our village. But everything needs training. You need to train first. I am giving you Training Quest. Go and explore the nearby tiles. Village is area of 10×10 tiles, so it wont take much time visit each and every tile to get familiar with it. Another additional quest will also be given to you aside of this so make sure to check it too.

mmh2008 – Thanks sir. I will take my leave now.

Ding….. Quest window opened….

Quest 1 – Village elder wants you to explore the village, for that you need to move to all 100 tiles around the village area of 10 x 10. You also need to talk to all npcs and watch the actions available in the tiles around village. (This game doesn’t load unnecessary tiles so dont worry you won’t move to any extra unnecessary tile)

Reward – 200 exp, 50 gold.

Quest 2 – Familiarize yourself with the game options and all buttons or menus…..

Reward – 20 exp, 5 gold

Quest 3 – Feed yourself

Reward – 20 exp, 5 gold

Quest 4 – Drink something to quench your thirst

Reward – 20 exp, 5 gold

Quest 5 – Take a leak, bath, or potty.

Reward – 20 exp, 5 gold


So here i go, i am on tile 0, 0 named as Beginners tile. As its text based game, i wont be able to see but everything is clearly written on the screen about my X-axis and Y-axis.

Lets do the quest no. 2 first it seems easy. First there is chat window in the bottom, with tabs for Multiverse/Global chat, Universum only Chat, Freeversum only Chat,  Griffin Galaxy Chat, Toomar Solar System Chat, Chingara Planet Chat, Montha Continent Chat, Aries Country Chat, Puar State Chat, Turco City Chat and Yodai Village Chat. Most of the chat tabs are disabled. For me Global chat, universum chat and yodai village chat are enabled only. Maybe they get unlocked when i explore those regions.

Chat messages were flooding the Global Chat and Universum Chat and village chat about joining of new players. I guess i was not the first one to join the game as well.

Chat rules are not harsh. Only swearing and intentional spamming is not allowed. Trade chat msg are allowed only twice per 5 minute per user. There is separate Trade Board on forums which is wiped daily so that trade requests can be reposted fresh.

Location window displays the universe, galaxy, —> village details and x, y axis in current area (village in my case). For any explored tiles we can just enter the coordinates there and click the move button and we will be in that tile without any effort. There is a Map Window or window showing details of explored tiles as well like if its empty or there is house, or any resource in it. For 0, 0 it says empty tile, Elder John standing there (1 action available).  There is another Action window where it displays any action for the current tile. A character window is also there. And it displays the current stats. Level – 1, Exerience Bar – 0/100 for Level 2,  Gold – 10, HP – 100/100, Food Belly – 50/100, Water Belly – 30/100, Hygiene – 70/100, Strength – 1, Defense – 1, Speed – 1, Village Yodai Fame – 0, Global Fame – 0. There is note below them saying “More stats will be added as per your gameplay and choices made by you”.

Apart from this just link to Journal for quests, contact us, About game and Settings and Logout button are given. So it seems whole gameplay is hidden in tiles and not on outer HUD. Settings have one important feature PVP option. By default it is No, and its changeable only once per character.

Ding… Quest 2 completed… You checked all the basic buttons/windows. You are rewarded with 20 exp and 5 gold. Your village fame rose by 5. Your global fame rose by 5. (20 exp, 15 gold, vfame- 5, gfame-5)

I just typed 1 in Y axis and clicked Move. Now the map window shows Elder Johns Hut (1 action available). Action window shows enter hut. On clicking it message popped up. You are not famous in the village. You need at least 5 fame to enter the elders house. Ding…

Quest 6 – Raise your village fame to 10 to get inside the house of elder.  Village Fame is increased automatically by 5 by each quest completed for any NPC of village or even real users living in the village, or doing anything good for improvement of village.

Rewards – 50 exp, 10 gold

Quest 7 – Raise your global fame to 20.

Rewards – 100 exp, 20 gold

Wow seems quests are unlocked by certain actions in this game. Its fun to play without any wikipedia.

I have only 5 fame currently achieved from completing quest no. 2 earlier.

0,2 – empty tile, 0,3 – Empty tile, 0, 4 – Empty tile, 0,5 – Paul House, 0,6 – Paul NPC, 0,7 – empty tile, 0,8 – Nina House, 0,9 – Nina, 0,10 – Empty tile, 1, 10 – Empty tile,  2, 10 – Mango Tree with 5 fruits.

2, 10 – Actions – Pluck the fruit, clicked , Actions – Eat the fruit, clicked. Your belly got filled to full. Quest No. 3 completed. Fame rose by 5. (40exp, 20 gold, vfame-10, gfame-10)

Lets move back to elders house now. Just typed 0,1 and clicked move. Ding – actions – move in elders house, clicked.

Ding – Quest no. 6 completed, (90exp, 30gold, vfame15, gfame15)

Wife of village elder Sheena and 2 grand children of elder, Ron and Von were playing. Actions – talk to sheena, talk to ron, talk to von, attempt theft in house (will generate thieving stat for you and due to first attempt of thievery you will be given 50/50 chance for success/failure. Failure will lead to defamation of -5 and Elders house won’t be accessible for 1 game day.). talk to sheena clicked.

Sheena – Oh we have a visitor, whats your name? Shall i bring something to drink?

mmh2008 –   Yes please. That will be wonderful i am thirsty. My name is mailmeharry2008.

Sheena brought water for you. Action available – Drink water, clicked.

Ding – Quest no. 4 completed. (Level2, exp-10/200, gold-35, str-2, def-2, speed-2, vfame&gfame-20). You leveled up. All max stats with like hp, food belly, water belly, hygiene are increased by 10 thus they are now 110, 110, 110, 110 respectively now. Max exp required is increased by double i.e. 200.

Ding – Quest No. 7 completed (Lvl2, exp-110/200, gold-55, str-2,def-2,spd-2, v&gfame-25)

Only Quest no. 1 and 5 are left in journal now.

Action – talk to sheena again.

mmh2008 – Can i use the washroom please?

Sheena – (Fame check – 25 required passed) – Yeah sure, this way.

Ding… Quest no. 5 completed….  (Lvl2, exp-130/200, gold-60, str-2,def-2,spd-2, v&gfame-30)

Your hygiene bar is filled now. All 3 basic needs of yours are fulfilled for the first time. A bonus quest is given to you for this feat.

JOURNAL —   Quest no. 1- ……..

Quest no. 8 – Raise the max food belly, max water belly and hygiene bar to 200. These will improve as per your levels.

Rewards – 200 exp, 50 gold


To be continued tomorrow………

About Author/Story

About Author – I am Harinder Singh. I always wanted to create my own MMORPG named as
Almightoronia. But lack of knowledge and funds led me to write this instead. Hope you
enjoy it and some developer of game create a game based on it 😀 (of course not for free,
i want to be staff in that game, and also take a small percentage of earnings through that


About story – Almightoronia is a multi-genre game. It involves RPG, strategy, adventure
and much more. I myself will be the protagonist character named as Harry.